The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello, dear readers! I have been awarded “THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD“. RefreshingMingle nominated me for this amazing award. First of all, a lot of thanks to RefreshingMingle for nominating me. The Rules *Display the award logo on your blog. *Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. *Mention Okoto Enigma…More

Who Invented The Camera?

Today, when you snap a picture and have it developed so easily, it’s hard to believe that hundreds of years of experimenting were needed before this became possible. Photography was not invented by any single person. Just to give you an idea of what went into bringing it to its present stage of perfection, here…More

What is the Brightest Star?

Have you ever looked up at the sky and tried to find the brightest star? You may imagine that the number of stars you can see is countless. But the most that can be seen without a telescope are about 6,000 stars. Ever since the days of the Greek astronomers, 2,000 years ago, the stars…More

Who invented the Submarine?

Man’s desire to be able to travel underwater goes back a long, long time. But the first craft actually designed to travel in this way of which we have a record goes back to 1578. A British mathematician called William Bourne published a book in that year in which there was the design of a…More

How Was Fire Discovered?

Fire has been known to man since the very earliest times. In certain caves in Europe in which men lived hundreds of thousands of years ago, charcoal and charred bits of bone have been found among stones that were evidently used as fireplaces. But how did men learn the trick of making a fire? We…More

When Did The Ice Age End?

Most people think of the Ice Age as something that happened so long ago that not a sign of it remains. But did you know that geologists say we are just now reaching the end of the Ice Age? And people who live in Green- land are actually still in the Ice Age as far…More

Online Education vs Traditional Education: The Pros and Cons

Education is very crucial in ones life bescause it is highly responsible for growth and overall development of a person. It provides the necessary skills that make a person successful in life. And in the past few decades it has become a very important part of our life. In traditional education, students are gathered in…More

When Were Mirrors First Used?

Have you ever looked into a quiet pool of water and seen the reflection of the sky and trees in it? You were actually looking into a mirror! A mirror is only a smooth surface that reflects light and forms an image. It’s very important that the surface be smooth. The smoother it is, the…More

What is a Mirage and what causes it?

Imagine a wanderer in the desert, dying of thirst. He looks off into the distance and sees a vision of a lake of clear water surrounded by trees. He stumbles forward until the vision fades and there is nothing but the hot sand all around him. The lake he saw in the distance was a…More

What is QuickSilver?

“Quicksilver” is a popular name for mercury. It is an unusual metallic element because it is liquid at room temperature. Mercury freezes at -39 degrees centigrade and boils at 357 degrees centigrade. It is 13.6 times heavier than water. Its surface tension is such that it does not wet many objects. Instead, it tends to…More